I don’t get to photograph a lot of eighteen birthday sessions. Whenever I do, it is either I am friends with the mom or I met the mom somewhere. I especially enjoy the dynamics I have with a debutante’s mother. The excitement of preparing for the debut shoot or even the debut celebration itself is contagious. I feel the heart they put into it. Thus, as a photographer friend or even photographer family friend, I give it my all too. I find it hard to photograph without emotional investment or connection. There has to be something inside me that needs to be stirred.

Sofia’s mom is two years younger than me. Yes, we are that old! I met her when we were still in high school. She is my sister’s batchmate. Meeting her again after many many years, brought me back to the corridors of CIC. The stories we shared during the shoot especially those that hit home were something I will always be grateful for. Because I don’t get to meet a lot of people whom I find easy to share stories with.

Sofia knew what she wanted for the shoot. Her mom sent me pegs. I was happy with the concept. It was something that I would like for myself if I were eighteen again. Sharing with you some takes of Sofia’s eighteenth birthday session.


Location: Laveview Le Jardin
HMUA: Vanessa Gamus
Photo: Shutterfairy Photo
Styling: Arianne & Jayjay