Brent & Angelica’s Wedding

August 3, 2022 / Weddings

It was hard to hold back tears! Angelica and Brent's wedding was full of emotions. I just had to let it go when I saw one of my closest friends, Maricel, cry. I wanted to tell her I feel you. I've ...


Sirao Post Wedding Session

April 24, 2022 / Post Wedding

My heart ached when I did this post-wedding shoot. The questions in my head about marriage and relationships came flooding. It was unfamiliar at first! But as I threw cues here and there, one question...


Sandra’s Garden Intimate Wedding: Miguel & Katrina

March 23, 2020 / Weddings

Covid 19 has brought havoc to our lives. Shoots were canceled one after the other. Big and small businesses are closed. We are all affected. Unexpected and it's scary! Miguel and Katrina's wedding ...


Crimson Resort Intimate Wedding: Helen & Zenon

March 5, 2020 / Weddings

It was a windy day when Zenon and Helen tied the knot. It was a small wedding with just family and friends. If I remember right there were just five round tables. Crimson did the decorating. Everythin...


Intimate wedding: Jing & Oskee

February 28, 2020 / Weddings

It has been a crazy January and February. I've been wanting to write about Jing and Oskee's wedding, but life happened. I had to set it aside and all the other photo sessions that I wanted to share. ...


Fog House Intimate Wedding: Dennice & John

December 17, 2019 / Weddings

Intimate weddings make my heart soar. But for Dennice and John's wedding, it was extra special. Dennice used to be my OJT. For a time, she edited the wedding photos that I photographed and prepared th...


Civil wedding: Owen & Marianne

October 2, 2019 / Weddings

It was an intimate wedding for Owen and Marianne. This time though the court clerk did something extra. She placed teddy bears and a bouquet of flowers on the judge's table. So, I guess, it is safe to...


Russel and Iris’s wedding

September 6, 2019 / Weddings

I am grateful for couples that somehow reflect who I am like Iris and Russel. When I met Russel months before the wedding, he specifically said he didn't want something too formal. He wanted someth...