Exactly ten years ago, I photographed Edgar and Gwen’s engagement and wedding. Ten years after, we meet again. It was nice seeing them with two little humans in tow. They were still sweet as ever! I could tell. The way they looked at each other was the same and even more. I read somewhere that love has many levels. And through time it gets deeper between two people.

I ask myself many times why I do what I do.  After many years of holding the camera and capturing what I could. Digging emotions and expressions hidden somewhere, I still find myself chasing moments. I complain about how tedious it could be and yet I still do it over and over again. So maybe, my love as a photographer has many levels too. It just doesn’t end when I turn over the output, but it continues in search of something.


The Gonzales family session
Location: Serenity Farm & Spa