Food photography was something that I did from time to time. One project was for a book. Every time I see it on a shelf that says for sale, I pick it up and go thru the pages. A grin would start to form and my heart would beat a little faster. If only my thoughts could speak louder than my spoken words, people nearby would surely know the effort I put in when I work.

Another project was also for a cafe somewhere in Bukidnon. I remember feeling so stressed because I was working with a chef from Manila. He prepared the dishes one after the other. It was brought to me and I had to take pictures from different angles. It was two days of shooting just-food. No human interaction! If the dishes I photographed back then could’ve spoken, I’m sure it would’ve told me to take it slow and just enjoy.  Sometimes, I’ve noticed, I pressure myself when there’s no need really.

Lately, I’ve been helping small businesses with their content. That includes marketing materials like product photos (food), interior and exterior shots and specialties. It’s a nice feeling to see a business soar. Nowadays, because of social media, photos and short video clips help businesses a great deal. But I also want to infuse a touch of realness to what I photograph even if it’s just objects or products.

Here are some takes! Will try to blog more about it.


Kalamiiii! and super nindut! 🙂

Can’t wait to let you try!