I think in my past life I was an interior designer or a home curator or decorator. Decorating my home has been an obsession of mine. I’ve done a couple of DIY’s just to achieve a certain look and feel without sacrificing functionality and budget. Space, no matter how small, needs to feel like home. 

That’s why I love how Moe Days do their projects. The team behind it are talented young individuals brimming with so much idea for your spaces. Their brand is fresh, cozy, clean and homey. The pieces that they use to achieve a certain look and feel are nothing too expensive.

I learned though that for a condo space to sell, it has to be staged. Beautified for a certain theme or brand to give renters (especially Airbnb) a feel of the space. Because what is appealing to the eyes is appealing to the heart too.


Supplier: Moe Days