I have always been fond of the entrepreneurs behind Veggie Tah Bai. They were my first set of suppliers when Hooga started. I used to buy tofu from them that they carefully pack and deliver. Whenever I hear the bell ring early morning, I already knew it’s them. They were my first set of sample tasters, cookies to muffins and vegan tofu sisig too.

I have watched them grow from just selling online to owning a physical store, from just one to two. They will open their new baby in Cordova soon. Although the food that we sell is similar, I have quietly cheered them on. I think small business owners need each other to grow. I’d rather support than compete!

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in almost a year of selling food online, it takes a lot of heart. I am grateful for the lessons learned and the entrepreneurs I met along the way like the people behind Veggie Tah Bai.