Intimate weddings are my favorite! Not just my favorite but it’s the kind of wedding that I can imagine for myself. A girl can dream, right?

Mariel and Kristian had only sixty guests.  Just six round tables for the reception. The people who were there were family and friends (who were like family). Guests knew each other and the happiness inside the room was palpable.

During prep time, it was so refreshing to see a less crowded room. It was just her and the hairstylist when we arrived. Quiet. Peaceful. It allowed me to take it all in. When it was time to leave for the ceremony, we all went together. We met at the lobby of the Palace Of Justice.

For a very long long long time, I really felt I was taking part in a wedding. My sole purpose was to document with the truest intentions. I say this because, I think when you do something over and over again and for a very long time, it would often feel mechanical. It becomes a business and the passion, somehow, dies without us realizing it. And then we wake up one day loving it less. I never want to feel that way again!

Thank you, Kristian and Mariel.


Flowers & styling: First Of April | Photo: Shutterfairy Photo | HMUA: Jay Failanga | Host: Ryan Uybengkee | Mandarin + Circa 1900