Meet Allie. She’s the little girl I photographed yesterday.

Unlike the other little people I photographed before, Allie took a while to warm up. Who wouldn’t be afraid of a lady with a huge camera hanging on her neck? Totally disregarded my instinct not to take out the black square thing in the beginning of the shoot. Oooopsssie! My bad! I was worried about the rain. I didn’t want to waste their time.

I tried bribing her with candies. She accepted, but she was a wise little girl. She didn’t instantly give me the easy hand. I could have been that golden wolf in the forest offering Little Red Riding Hood a shiny red apple. Smart girl! I had to work my way to her.

Yaya did a great job making her laugh. Mommy, on the other hand, had to coax her and bribe her with ice cream. She didn’t give in to the bribing when we did the shoot. But she sure did ask about her ice cream after the shoot. Children have a funny way of storing information. Say something to them and they do remember.

It took us more than hour to get that first precious smile. I started to get worried because the first set of frames didn’t meet my expectations. When I photograph people I try to look for that something. That something I could not really define or explain. I just know that each of us has that little spark hidden somewhere. Perhaps, a mischievous smile? Or a beautiful frown.

When it comes to photographing children, it takes creativity to go into their world. Others were easy because I’ve been taking their picture since they were little – barely one month old. And every year we do sessions together. On their birthdays, I am always there.

This is the reason, by the way, why I enjoy what I do. I have become part of the families of the people I have photographed. And that is also the difference I want to make. I just don’t want to be that photographer. After a photo job, I just don’t want to disappear. If you know me well, I want SENSE in what I do and I will always find the meaning. Nothing for me is superficial. There is always something to cultivate, to yearn, to dream, and to achieve.



So beautiful–the photos and Allie!


it took her a while to warm up..when she did, nahuwasan ko..heheheh.. thanks Nang Kath..lol.. peace.