There are lull days.. no shoot days!  I am grateful for these days.  It allows me to pursue the other things that interest me — scuba diving, yoga, cycling, running.  It also gives me time to focus on pending projects and the past weddings that I need to edit.  Some days, I worry and I tend to compare myself to other wedding photographers.  Don’t you?

“How come they are so busy and I’m not??”  

“My bookings are this much and they have a lot!”

Then I forget that that has always been my prayer.  I ask for just enough and not too much.  I ask for time to be with my family especially my little boy who has been the joy of my boys, his father and I. I often ask the universe to bless me with clients that I could connect with and not just plainly work with.

These photos were taken from our favorite place up south — Moalboal.  I definitely need more beach time.


I was lucky enough to have a mini session with Homer Medici of Medici Images.  That’s my little man and I!


The love of my life!2015-03-11_00412015-03-11_0042

We like flying kites and would love to try kite surfing.  But that would mean we have to travel all the way to Boracay for some lessons.



Agree with Jhoe. You wrote personal things man before Maria. A few lang gud. I enjoyed this. It’s like a little breather from all the shoots that you, jhoe and me do. I think only the us three do this kind of posts. I’m a girl. Crap!

hahahahahah.. you are a girl!

will be blogging more.

Yeyyyy enjoying these phoTos and glad to read personal blogposts again from you other than client work 🙂

Hi fellow yogi.. I should blog personal stuff more?? like before??