I’ve been to this place several times. But every time I’m there, it gives me a beautiful feeling of déjà vu.

It’s like finding a lost love over and over again. Discovering something new every time.

The smell of food is similar to catching a man’s perfume as he passes me by. The familiar feel is akin to finding the perfect hands to hold. But the bliss it gives surmounts the flutter of my heart the first time I caught a glimpse of the first boy I ever liked.

Bohol Bee Farm holds a different kind of charm. Very unique compared to the posh resorts I’ve been to in Bohol. This one is rustic, so earthy, alive, and is obviously my favorite. I’ve been writing about it since forever.

The suite room we stayed at didn’t have the luxury a suite room should have. That is, if you compare it with the standards of the hotels and resorts in the city. In this quiet corner of the earth, a suite room meant having a patio all to yourself adorned with bamboo chairs and woven Sinamay décor. The bathroom has an elevated bath. It definitely made me feel I was Cleopatra about to have a milk bath.

I enjoy dining out and experimenting on organic and vegetarian dishes. Bee Farm was that place that painted a guilt free food trip in my head. My friend, Jade, and I feasted on a buffet lunch of pure organic spread. I noticed that she didn’t devour her salad as much as I did. She hesitated eating the flowers, too. She said, “Murag di ni nako kaya!” I don’t think I can do it.

This place I will never tire of going over and over again. I am with different company every time. It makes the place more interesting. The experience more authentic.

Visit www.boholbeefarm.com


Makes me look on Bohol Bee Farm on a Whole New Level! Galing! 🙂

Simply wanna input that you have a very nice website , I enjoy the pattern it really stands out.

BBF will always be special to me. The memories we had together at that place will always linger. Such a great place to unwind.. i miz BBF!

I always remember you and the fun we had when we first visited Bee Farm.

I went there once with a former beau. Those lounge chairs will forever remind me of that trip. No hope of some magic of making up, but these pictures sure take me back. Lovely 🙂

Those were sweet moments huh? I hope those memories made you smile instead of sad.. 🙂

Hello Miss Mai,

Good day. Weee, I so love the way you write and your photos too, they´re so amazing. I wanna visit the place right away. I am a pure-blooded Boholana but I´ve never been to Bohol Bee Farm yet, what a shame!!

It´s really one of the places that I want to visit when I come home. Keep up the good work and God bless u always!

Hi Ms. Julai… You have to visit this place. It is one of those places that makes your whole being CALM. Enjoy the food, too, and the warm service. I could literally sit there all day. They have a new wing. Love it a lot.

lovely photos mai … maayo ka pa sige na balik balik sa bohol bee farm —- someday makabisita sad ka nako =)

It’s so nice there Cinds. You should visit one day.

thanks mai 🙂 it was a nice stay because you are there too. i had fun!:) oohh i love the squash bread, the simplicity of life and its so cozy.

Where do you think we will be going next time??

And here you are squeezing my heart and longing for beefarm again.
Oh definitely im going back there when i get home…this time, honeymoonin’ with Brian ahhahaha

Go on a honeymoon with the hub because you’ll be gone for a bit longer this time.

I’ve always love the way you see things differently.. You tend to see the beauty in simple things and make it look grand! I will always enjoy your pictures!.. crossing my fingers for another adventure with you and Yovs:)

Thank you pakner.. of course.. more adventures, but after ano na.. because according to the old folks, you know na… lol

Kuyog ta next time, Mai.

Sure Pi.. so willing to go there again. Pig out session. Story telling (no lies). 🙂