“You look like a mermaid Tita Malou!”

I won’t ever forget how she said it. Because in a child’s mind mermaids and fairy tales, even if grown ups say it’s not real, a part of them still believes it is real.

When I was a little girl and I discovered that Santa didn’t really exist, I celebrated Christmas differently. I wish my ignorance about Santa, mermaids, and fairy tales stayed child like.

“I know how to swim like a mermaid.” I gave her a wave and a splash of water while I tried swimming away the mermaid way. At 35 years old, I still wonder if there are really mermaids out there. You think?

It must be nice to have a little girl. I mean a mini me. People have been telling me I should have one. It’s funny because every time they tell me this, I’d tell myself who knows. Perhaps one day when I’m ready. But at 35 and the last one at 9 years old, that’s like starting all over again.

Meet Mommy Jean and Eliza.


what a great poser this charming little girl is… so with mommy =)