Last May I did a shoot for Wedding Essential’s June issue.

Shooting for a magazine was a different experience. I was excited when I agreed to do the project. I wished for a magazine shoot and when I finally had the opportunity, I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t have any expectation. It felt like nothing was within my control.

It was only when I met the people involved that I realised how different the shoot will be. Unlike weddings or engagement session, shooting happy was not a subject of the day. I felt a bit lost!  Who wouldn’t?

I remember telling myself – “I don’t understand what I am doing! Am I doing this the right way??” The art director, assistant editor and someone else reviewed my shots. My heart ached when they started dialing that round thing in my camera to view my photos. I treat my camera with utmost gentleness. I am quite possessive! I definitely felt like I was under a microscope.  I had to restrain myself from saying something. Maybe that’s how it works for them!

It was a humbling experience though. Humbling because it reminded me to tread water gently in an unfamiliar environment and to embrace the newness of it all. I should be more open to these kinds of things. I remember missing the laughter I hear almost always when I shoot weddings. I just can’t help but compare how strange it was for me not to be talking with the people I worked with.

Sharing with you some photos I took.

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awww..u did a great job still! and they’re lucky to have you shoot for their magazine!
proud of your milestones Mai! x