“I love you even if you put hotdog in my spaghetti!”

It was a classic statement from someone who married a Filipina. In the Philippines it is but normal. The spaghetti from Jollibee has hotdogs in it. I laughed so hard because I am guilty of this too. It makes me happy to find hotdogs in my spaghetti. Anthony, in his speech, said he freaked out! Who wouldn’t if you are not from the Philippines? I am sure he’ll have more surprises along the way and maybe he will love the hotdogs in his spaghetti too.

They are so in love! Shooting them during their post ceremony was easy. They easily got lost starting at each other’s eyes. They were like dancing to their own kind of music in front of the camera. Their energy was contagious. If you know me, I’m big on sharing energies!

Here are some photos of Anthony and Angelie.


Coordination: Carlo Abaquita (Unique Wedding & Events)
HMUA: Ramil Solis
Video: Team Panda Films
Photo: Shutterfairy Photo
Gown: Lord Maturan


anthonyangelie_-wedding0002 anthonyangelie_-wedding0003 anthonyangelie_-wedding0004 anthonyangelie_-wedding0005 anthonyangelie_-wedding0006 anthonyangelie_-wedding0007 anthonyangelie_-wedding0008 anthonyangelie_-wedding0009 anthonyangelie_-wedding0010 anthonyangelie_-wedding0011 anthonyangelie_-wedding0012 anthonyangelie_-wedding0013 anthonyangelie_-wedding0014 anthonyangelie_-wedding0015 anthonyangelie_-wedding0016 anthonyangelie_-wedding0017 anthonyangelie_-wedding0018 anthonyangelie_-wedding0019 anthonyangelie_-wedding0020 anthonyangelie_-wedding0021 anthonyangelie_-wedding0022 anthonyangelie_-wedding0023 anthonyangelie_-wedding0024 anthonyangelie_-wedding0025 anthonyangelie_-wedding0026 anthonyangelie_-wedding0027 anthonyangelie_-wedding0028 anthonyangelie_-wedding0029 anthonyangelie_-wedding0030 anthonyangelie_-wedding0031 anthonyangelie_-wedding0032 anthonyangelie_-wedding0033 anthonyangelie_-wedding0034 anthonyangelie_-wedding0035 anthonyangelie_-wedding0036 anthonyangelie_-wedding0037 anthonyangelie_-wedding0038 anthonyangelie_-wedding0039 anthonyangelie_-wedding0040 anthonyangelie_-wedding0041 anthonyangelie_-wedding0042 anthonyangelie_-wedding0043 anthonyangelie_-wedding0044


Love the burst of colors here mai! full of love!
so pretty their couple kisses too that you framed!