Little Avery was shy in the beginning. She’d hide at the nook of her dad’s neck. She’d take a peek from time to time. Testing the waters if it was safe to just let herself be. Often times the first set is always a challenge. Kids, especially those at two years old, would feel uncomfortable. It is totally understandable!

I take my time…..

I’ve been taking pictures for more than ten years now. Experience taught me some hard lessons when it comes to documenting family sessions. There are just things I cannot control especially when it comes to kids’ emotions. Sometimes they are unpredictable, but through time I have come to love the unpredictability of it all. It makes every session unique and fun. I don’t mind sweaty hair or mismatched clothes.

It’s not the perfect sunset or light although these contribute to the vibe of the photos. Those don’t really matter! What matter the most is the emotion and energy shared at that time. It is my job to capture those moments. It is my hope to do well every time I photograph a family. Because after many years, I want them to look at their pictures and share a tender moment and memory. 



Styling: Styled like Ai | Coordination: Joan Lapus | HMUA: Emi Ayag