It was hard to choose what photos to share from Fe and Ernest Alhibe Farm session.

The first time I photographed Fe and Ernest was when Ernest was just five years old.  Over the years though, I still saw Fe during random photo assignments like a wedding renewal ceremony or a birthday party of a common friend. So when she asked a day before the shoot if I was open to doing a photo session in Alhibe Farm, I went ahead and said yes.

I’ve learned that not all things in life need the perfect plan. Random getaways and spontaneous road trips for work or not are the best. It helps me keep my mind off things. Taking pictures has been my solace for more than ten years now. It was an avenue for me to express myself. They say, your output says a lot about you. So, I guess, it’s safe to say that for many years I’ve kept my heart in the open and used it as a tool to propel me to look for moments that I also wanted for myself.

A mother and child session has always been special to me. Maybe because I’m a mother myself. There’s just that unbreakable bond. Although I also believe that many are called to be a mother, not all can be one. Do you know what I mean? Our childhood trauma can be inflicted by our mothers. As an adult, I feel that when we lack that motherly love, we look for it somewhere. It’s hard to explain but that is just my understanding. Mothers make us and they can also break us!

But for Fe and Ernest, I saw how Fe raised a fine young man. Ernest loves Science! When I told them to talk about something and pretend I wasn’t there, they discussed Science still. It was a joy capturing the bond they share. I told Fe how big a boy Ernest already is. She said that she took the opportunity to have a photo session with him because she knew, one day Ernest won’t like it anymore.




Location: Alhibe Farm