I seldom do pre-debut sessions but when I do, I go keen on my observation about how the young ones are today. I remember when I was in high school, I was chaperoned wherever I went. There were many parties I wasn’t allowed to go to. I didn’t have the freedom I wanted. It felt like I was in prison. But now I understood why!

Wisdom comes with age.

The concept for this shoot wasn’t the typical pre-debut session. It was laid back, conservative, and was fully supported by the debutante’s family. She didn’t want a party. She just wanted a photo session to remember her eighteenth birthday. She sewed her own outfits. Some with the help of a professional atelier.

She also wanted her friends and family to take part. It was a humble and unforgettable way to turn eighteen. Simple as it was but full of meaning.

I wish more of this!



Location: Argao Cebu


The traditional filipino costumes are wonderfully simple yet stylish, and the pictures depicting our native chores and footage are beautifully taken. What an extraordinary memento to be hold for years to come!

Thank you.. Had fun doing this shoot. It was very different from the previous photo sessions I’ve done.