I first met Sienna about ten years ago. I photographed her wedding. Vintage was all the rage back then. Vintage car, embellished bride’s bouquet, vintage-inspired wedding gown. It was then that I knew I’d be doing what I do for a very long time. Since then I haven’t stopped taking pictures except at the height of the pandemic, but still, my mind was all about taking pictures. I’d mentally frame a scene and imagine where the light was coming from. Whenever I travel, without a camera on hand, my mind starts weaving one photo at a time.

I can still remember Sienna’s wedding so vividly. I’ve grown fond of her. I follow her social media account and saw how her family grew. So when she sent me a message that she’d want a family session, I was all in. When I saw her again after ten years, I felt the warmth and familiarity. When we started talking about a chapter of my life that she somehow witnessed start, it didn’t feel awkward but instead it was easy for me to open my heart and share a snippet of that journey with her.

I’ve always wished to be blessed with people who’d somehow help me grow and love my craft even more. So, thank you, Siena!