The last time I saw her was last December for a quick Christmas family session. She was a bit shy back then and wasn’t really in the mood for some photos. When I saw her again during her birthday celebration some two weeks ago, she was totally different. It’s like she grew up really fast.

I always have a good time every time I photograph Natalia’s birthday. Not because of the grandness of it all, but because everything feels so close to home. Mommy Heidi does all the decorating. Just like last year, she prepared the dessert table and decorated it herself. It reminded me of those birthday parties during my childhood when the visitors I had were my neighborhood playmates. We didn’t have to dress up. We just wore our house clothes. The best part is always the blowing of the cake. The birthday cake back then was nothing like what we have now. It was just a simple chocolate cake with a candle.

Sharing with you some photos we took during her birthday celebration.

As always, thank you Sanchez family!