There are just some people we cross paths with that somehow touch our lives with just a mundane exchange of words or even a simple question as, hi how are you!

Jandy is one of those! I’ve always felt her warmth every time we cross paths. When I was at my darkest, she sent me messages about faith and healing. Sometimes, when we are at our lowest, we tend to take the simple act of kindness for granted because we think, my pain is heavy and you don’t get it. But she sent me messages anyway! It always made me feel better after.

Whenever we bump into each other during events like birthdays of common friends, she’d always say hi Mai. She’s the type to hold your hand and look into your eyes to know how you are doing. Her positivity is contagious. I wish I have more Jandys in my life! She’s one soul I’d like to keep!

Our short talk during Jaden Paulo’s christening and dedication, I shall go back to from time to time when faith would leave me and I have nothing to hold on to. She has her ways with words. Like everything she’d say she truly understood where I was coming from. It took me a lot of restraint to not cry, but I know she felt what was inside my heart.

We live in a fast-paced world nowadays. Too fast, I think! That everything has become so virtual already. Sometimes it’s too much! It pains me though to document an event with a laptop in the middle of the room where our loved ones are there is a small square inch of equipment. Zoom! I’ve come to dislike this word so much. I long for the day when it won’t exist anymore. When I could photograph real hugs and not just people waving at a laptop to say hello, I’m here!

Nevertheless, the irony of it all is there is still goodness in the world. Technology made people warmer in person. Hungry for touch and real interaction. I shall look forward to those days. For now, let’s make do with what we have and make the most of it.