It’s been a while! I haven’t done many family sessions lately. My focus has been on other things outside my world as a photographer. I think I grew somehow. Life has always been like that. Wherever it brings me I am there!

But the subject of family has been of great interest. I’ve found a sense of family amongst the people I hold dear. I have friends I treat like family and they treat me the same. Some I’ve known since my teen years. Others I met as I traversed the crazy roads of life. Nonetheless, these people I keep in my heart. It has always been a fair and nurturing relationship.

I first met Doc Tisoy and Doc Kring when Vanya, their firstborn, was just a year old. She’s seven now! Yes, it has been that long! Taking pictures of the little girl named Shylo felt like a continuation of that first shoot we did.


Styling: Guada Mariel