I haven’t seen a single Game of Throne episode. I tried watching the first one but I fell asleep. I can’t watch one episode without nodding off. I’m so lame, I know! Everybody has been raving about GOT except me.

This little girl’s name is Deanery’s. We had a mini pre-baptism photo session. She wore a powder blue dress just like a mini version of Deanery’s. I had to google to educate myself about GOT. There’s one quote that she said that struck a chord. It was when she said, “I’m no ordinary woman. My dreams do come TRUE!” It sounds so empowering and real.

The party set-up after the baptism rites was something else. The menu and the décor stayed true to its theme. I was in awe because after almost two years, it was my first time back to photograph a party as such.  The necessary safety protocols were in place. It was refreshing to be amidst people once again, celebrating in flesh rather than in zoom.

I am hoping we can all slowly ease back to the life we had before. Before Covid came, but let us not forget what it taught us. That nothing in this world is permanent. That life is precious and in an instant, everything can change. That time is borrowed and it is how we make use of it is what’s important.

And like what Deanery’s said. “We are going to leave the world better than we found it!”