It was one of those family photo sessions that struck straight to my heart!

When Rain explained to me that his son cannot be that attentive because he has autism, I wanted to embrace her and tell her, I totally understand. It is not something foreign to me. I know how it feels. The struggles that go with it. The patience and understanding as parents and from the people around us.

I am always in awe when I get to photograph families with a special family member. It makes me want to rejoice that this child with needs is embraced and accepted as a whole by his family while others do not have the same fate. If only they could! If only they will! If only society will give this special sector the much-needed consideration, we, as parents would be very happy. Knowing that, when one day, we leave this earth, our child is thriving in a kinder place.

I love documenting family reunions. Because I wish for the same! A big family with just love and acceptance. If I can’t have it just yet, I am content to photograph others.

Sharing with you the family I photographed some Sundays ago up North in Sogod. It makes my heart fatter every time I meet families.

I thank you Rain for allowing me to photograph yours!