Dee&Cha_ wedding0001

“It’s not Cha!”

Dee kept saying this when all ten women and some men gave their hands for him to hold. The goal of the game was to determine if Dee really knew the feel of Cha’s hand. He held Cha’s hand and instantly knew that it was Cha. Ryan, the most sought after emcee asked – how do you know it’s not Cha?

Dee said, “I just know it’s not Cha!”

Cha and Dee’s wedding mesmerized me. It reminded me of my long time dream to travel to India. It all started with my fascination of the Taj Mahal! If there were an ultimate wedding I want to photograph, that would be an authentic traditional Indian wedding. I heard it is celebrated for days. Each day brings a different ritual.  Some dream, yes??

Photos from last Saturday’s wedding.


Deepak & Cha
Dress up: Waterfront Lahug & Casino
Ceremony: Pedro Calungsod
Reception: Crimson Resort & Spa
HMU: Ramil Solis
Video: Sly Climaco
Bridal gown: Ronald Enrico
Bridesmaids dresses: Very Mary
Photo: Shutterfairy Photo
Coordination: Snoogie Reyes Mata


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love love! weeeeh! enjoyed much shooting along side with you. ALWAYS! thanks for tagging me along again! till next collab!!!

thank you Jo.. I hope I get to second shoot for you someday.