Last September I did a shoot for Cebu Living Magazine. It was a pleasant experience. The people I met from Manila were warmer. Love it when I am not pressured to create images not of my liking. By this I meant, I am not asked to stand here or there and click. It puzzles me when I am commissioned to take photos but on shoot day there are like two or three people behind me, hovering and telling me to shoot this and that. Sometimes I am tempted to just hand over my camera and let them shoot.

But that is quite rude, is it??

Robot mode on, I do what I’m asked but my heart doesn’t do that sing song-y tune at the end of the day. It then feels like I’ve put in so much work. It’s different when there is creative freedom!

I shoot. I learn, relearn and the cycle continue.

Kayu Kitchen + Bar | 32 Sanson Road, Lahug, Cebu City | (032) 406 3095
Simple Wishes
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