Last weekend, I traveled to Bantayan Island to photograph Caleb and Queenie. Queenie emailed me a couple of months ago. She wanted to do a post-wedding session in Bantayan Island. Anything about the beach excites me. I always stay a day or two. Extra days just so I could find my solace by the beach. It is also the perfect time and place to reset. The fast pace city life has left me gasping for more quiet time. Everything in the city seems to move too fast.

Caleb and Queenie were quiet and formal when I started clicking away. But as we moved around and as I get to know them by the way they relate to each other, they started to relax. That was the perfect moment when I finally found a window to capture the in-betweens. We finished as the sun was about to set.

Thank you Queenie and Caleb!


Hair and make-up:  Suzaine Christi Smith