Far away, as I stood there, I saw the flicker of lights scattered across the horizon. They looked like fireflies flying aimlessly, but the moon magnificently gave them direction.

There was something about staring at the moon in all its glory! Full and oh so beautiful! Others say that during the full moon, we humans turn emotional. My humble logic didn’t get it at first because how could a full moon influence one’s emotion? I didn’t care about the moon. I didn’t understand how it could change the tide too.

Not until I found myself in a soulful mountain range in a place called Soul Sierra. We stayed for a night and waited for the full moon to appear. A friend started smudging. The scent tickled my nose as I start my gratefulness list inside my head. We laughed and shared stories. Some were serious discussions about life and dreams and happy memories in between. When the bonfire was ready for us, we walked down the path lit by the moon. It felt like it was so up there guiding us not to slip.

We sang and danced and laughed. These were the kind of people I could love so deeply. I’ve always believed and felt that when the energy is right, I am in a place where I could grow and thrive and just be me. So maybe that was what the moon was trying to tell me. No matter how it changes from being full to being new, it will just be there, constantly changing and moving.

From then on, I look up when I can. Whenever I do, I say a quiet thank you.

Thank you moon for the endings and beginnings!


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