It was only last year when I started giving away free family photo sessions for kids and families with special needs. But instead of doing it in December, this year I opted to do it in November. December is a busy month! I wanted to have more time to do the sessions and write about it too. I noticed that when I do things hurriedly because of the mountain of things I need to finish, it makes work a burden. I have stayed away from that mentality this year! I took things slow and only accepted projects/shoots that leaves me inspired and not spent.

Meeting Princess and Jacob was a breath of fresh air. Jacob said hi and gave me a hug. When I meet parents with a special needs child, a bond is instantly formed. Because we have common ground. I think we share the same worry, fears, victories, and dreams too. We are on the same boat! We have the same dream that one day our child will be loved and accepted not only by their families but society too. It is a silent cry amongst families with a special needs child!

Why do we stare when a child on the spectrum is having a meltdown? Why do we look at a child if his ears don’t look as perfect as yours? Why do we call a child with down syndrome Mongoloid? Why do we put labels and discriminate? Why can’t we just be gentler? Supportive, perhaps? Why do we compare?

Why can’t we accept that we are made different? Some are just made extra special!!