I was nervous when we did this shoot for Dianne. I expected the studio assistant to set up the lights just like the other studio rentals. I freaked out when I realized that there was no one to help. I went back and forth from where the lights were placed to our assigned studio. I slowly figured it out. But if there was another professional photographer there who specialized in studio lighting, I was sure he’d laugh his heart out. Good thing there was none!

Dianne was an easy subject to photograph. Her warmth was comforting. She made me feel right at ease. I easily connected to her. The next thing I knew, we were there for two hours. Three outfit changes later and we were done!

This shoot reminded me of how I used to be when it came to photography. I chased every opportunity to learn. More than a decade later, I am still learning my craft. It’s been so long and I thought I knew everything. I was wrong. There is still so much to learn about this craft I’ve come to love so deeply.

Sharing with you some frames of Dianne’s birthday shoot. There should be more of this!


Clothes styling by Guada Mariel Calledo
Photo by Shutterfairy Photo
Studio: Nest Workspaces