I’ve known Eloise more than a decade now. She’s sassy and all that. But for me she is the truest very transparent person that I know. You’ll feel it when she likes you because she makes it known. You will also know if she thinks the opposite because she won’t say a word. Somehow, I feel that we are very much alike. When it comes to love and relationships we endure. We take the blow and still continue. We laugh about it with no bitterness in our hearts. We learn and we go on.

I’ve photographed her love story before this. That was a chapter in her life that I’ve also witnessed. Now that love found her again, I couldn’t contain how happy and excited I am for her.

Thank you Mich and Eloise for allowing me to photograph the two of you. I hope I was able to freeze the in betweens and the exhcange of deep stares and peaceful love between the two of you. I can’t wait for the big day!


Location: Bell+Amadeus

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