It all started with Chloe! When she turned one, I photographed her intimate first birthday. It was held in one of my favorite cafes in Cebu, Cafe Caw. Sadly it had to close! Many years later, I still photograph the Parks. It’s either Chloe’s birthday or Harper’s. Every time I do, I know it’s a little special!

Last November, I went to their beautiful home to do a short Christmas photo session. The girls looked dazzling in their Christmas dresses. And as always their mom’s decor was extra. The train that went around the tree left me amazed. In child-like wonder, I stared at it and reminisced about the many Christmases I had in my lifetime.

Some were sad but most were happy times. I remembered my late grandparents and how I looked forward to having them around every December. They were the highlight of my holidays and the airmail envelope my lolo secretly gave me on Christmas mornings. When I lost them, Christmas didn’t feel the same way it used to be. But trying my best to find its meaning year after year. Making it special for my boy, Fin!

Merry Christmas everybody! Here’s a set that I love. The Parks!