Sooooooo…  How do you like being here?

That header up there has been in my wish list for so long already — a website with a flash header. A year ago, I wrote in one of my journals how I would want my photo website to look like. It has to be yellow, with lots of brown, and some whites. And then a flash header that’d show the lovely couples, kids, and families I photographed.

So here it is!

It wasn’t easy coming here. I tried signing up for a web host with www.bluehost .com a few weeks back. When I checked the amount for a two-year hosting contract, I gasped and hurriedly emailed them that I wanted a refund. I didn’t quite understand why purchasing a web host and a Prophoto blog could be so darn expensive.

So today, I signed up again. I carefully watched all the video tutorials on how to make a personalized Prophoto blog. I’m so lazy when it comes to tutorials and reading step by step instructions. I like everything fast. Swift! But there are just some things in this world that needs a lot of research and some trying here and there. I also made use of the live chat for HELP.  So far the people at www.bluehost.com did an excellent job coaching me.

I will surely miss Blogger and Wix. I’ve labored long and hard for those two sites.  It has served me well.  There were nights when I stayed up late just to learn how to tweak my site’s look. Blogger offers very few options for photo blogs, while Wix on the other hand, loads really slow. At times I tell myself, “This will do!” But you know that voice at the back of your head that will answer you back, “You can do better than that!”

Better is here. Welcome to my new home. To kick start, I give you two photos from last weekend’s adventure with a beautiful family.  We went to an island somewhere near Palompon Leyte.  More of that in July.  Grazi!



nice kaayo imong new address. congrats

hi chi..thank you.. visit again.

How do i like being here?..Oh my! The new site is amazing. im green with envy and it’s like i wanna have this site and call it my own. haha! Im just so proud of your awesome works Maimai san! You always strive for perfection and i admire you for that. Well done and looking forward for more “shutterfairy treats” here 🙂

Does it look yum? Kidding aside thanks for always leaving a comment. See you soon.

Love the new look mai!

Hi Kath… Thank you for leaving a comment… Glad you liked it. This is much better, yes? HI to Giann and the little girl. Hope you guys are all well.


Hi Yovi dear.. unlike your new house, mine is in cyberspace… 🙂 Cheers to us.

@Icel – on the boat, I kept thinking about it already.. didn’t sleep.. lol

@Josephine – it feels so good. I know what you mean by panicking because the site went puuuuffftt for a while. Curiosity almost killed this cat. Lol. But you’re right, ProPhoto is more professional looking.

And oh what an amazing place to shoot in an island…..post MORE!!!!!!

I Love the website!!! Congratulations!!!

A BIG HOOORAYYYYYYY and a massive hug for finally switching to ProPhoto!!!!
It feeelsss liberatingggg huh? =)
Lovely lovely lovelierrrr as you!!!! heehhe
APirrr to the header wish!!! ahhahah

hi mai!

thank you for being our patient wedding photographer. you and your team did an awesome job and we can’t wait to see all our photos!
i love your website, blogs and photos. it’s so fresh, so inviting, so sweet….sooo made with LOVE & PASSION, that it makes you want to keep on browsing and looking for more!! we know we made the right choice in you and your team! you are all professional, passionate, perfect in all angles!! thank you for the beautiful photos and the fantastic job, despite all the creative chaos around you/us that day! lol

-TeamMK from the Canadian Rockies, sending you lots of love and wishing you more projects for 2016 and the many, many years to come!

Thank you too. You and Mike were great. I hope to cross paths with you again one day.