Marvelous! True to her name. I marvel at how marvelous MARVELOUS is.

I met her a couple of months ago. But you know how it is when you meet a soul that feels like you know her somewhere. The kind that’s real and unpretentious. She’s soft-spoken and smart with stories about life that will teach you a thing or two. She’s funny without trying to be one!

When she asked me to photograph her, I was honored to capture a chapter of her life in just a few frames. She said it’ll be her last pregnancy. Last or beginnings always has an effect on me. It is something that I’d want to freeze for someone. But what touched me the most was how she looked at her children. There are emotions that words cannot even express. The love she has for them spoke millions of the kind of mother that she is.

I wish to meet more of her kind in this lifetime.


Styling: Guada Mariel
Studio: Wild Folk Studio