I’ve photographed Fe and her little boy a couple of times. Every time I do, I can’t help but remember the first shoot we had. Earnest was so little then. Look at him now. He’s almost as tall as his mom.

Fe, on the other hand, doesn’t look like she has aged. She still looks the same. Fresh, soft-spoken, warm, and kind. Every year, on her birthday, she treats herself a little extra with a photo shoot. Because why not? I should’ve done the same for myself. I feel a tiny pinch of regret.

Soul Sierra was the perfect place to hold such an intimate celebration. She said she just wanted a small gathering that turned into not-so-little. Surrounded by her friends and family, Fe blew her candles with a wish in mind. Whatever that wish was, I pray and wish that all her dreams come true.

Happy birthday again Fe!


Location and catering: Soul Sierra
Hair & make-up: Sol Congmon