Hello, blog. I’ve missed you. It has been so long.

This has been the longest time since my last post. I’ve been putting it off. What’s happening to the world and in my city is overwhelming. I guess this year is all about surviving and learning.

I miss…

Meeting people. The introvert in me used to shy away from conversations. I now look for it. The next time I meet people, I will talk and talk and talk.  I will offer a piece of me and to never again let my doubts and prejudices take over.

Traffic. I know, right!? It was something that I despised especially during long drives to a shoot location. I used to complain about leaving the house two hours early just so I won’t’ be late. Looking back, it feels so shallow.

Long hours. I surely miss a day of shooting non stop especially during weddings.  I miss running after time and sharing a crew meal with the rest of the suppliers. I miss the rush and the craziness of it all. I even miss the challenges that unexpected happens during the day. I miss seeing familiar faces and even hotel carpets that we usually use as a backdrop during detail flat lays.

Same-day-edit. For the past many years, I’d like to say that making a same-day-edit slideshow doesn’t scare me anymore. It used to! But over time, I found my own rhythm and learned not to let my OC-ness take over. I miss choosing songs and preparing for it a day before the wedding.

My gear.  I look at them inside my Pelican case from time to time. I touch them and smell them and call them my babies. My gear has brought me to places and has helped me put food on the table.

My crew. That is like my family.

For now, let me share with you a family session I did last December for Sweet Escape.