I’ve always wanted to take pictures of Denise ever since I started the special family series two years ago.

Two weeks ago we had a quick photo session. I wanted to do it someplace else but with the coronavirus scare, it was safer to do it at home.

I’ve known the Herrera’s way before they even started a family. It has been ages! My memory bank of the friendship I share with them is full that even if we don’t get to spend time together as much as we want to, it still feels the same. I am grateful for the friendship that has stayed afloat and stead over the years.

Denice was such a joy to photograph. I am fond of taking pictures of kids with special needs. Maybe because I feel that we are on the same boat. We have to fight stigmas that surround children with disabilities.

Family sessions should be available for every type of family, including those who have loved ones with special needs.

Beauty has many different forms!