I’d always feel old whenever I shoot a portrait session for debutants especially when they start calling me Tita and tell me that they know my son.

I admit that the age gap between photographer and subject is so great (them as millenials while I’m from the 80’s era); striking up a conversation is a challenge. I think the lame question I last asked from a pre-debut session I did last April was about the series 13 Reasons Why. I watched about three episodes and had to stop because I didn’t like the whole bullying and suicide thingy. One mother told me that she had to watch it with her daughter to guide her and make her understand the point of the whole series.

Drey was a joy to photograph. She was so graceful in front of the camera.


Youth is such a wonderful stage in one’s life and yet it is also the most crucial.

Here are some takes from Drey’s pre-debut session.


Location: La Vie Parisienne
Coordination: Joan Lapus | Belle Marie Weddings