When I look at photos in print and keepsake albums, my heart would skip a beat.

It feels like all the hard work from making the deal, to the shoot itself, and editing the photos during busy days and early mornings with a cup of coffee to keep me awake paid off.  Not to mention the countless Netflix and iFlix movies I have watched to keep me company. Plus the breaks in between to find work-life balance.

That warm feeling when it is time to bid these albums and boxes goodbye.  I take pride in how carefully I choose and edit photos. How it’s hard to let go of some. How excited I am every time a package arrives. Because it would mean the albums are here!

Sharing with you the end product of the family session I did some two months ago. The Yu family has always been my favorite. I’ve been taking their pictures since their eldest was a year old. Thru the years, I’ve watched them grow.

It is a joy and a privilege to take pictures of families.