My dearest Truth,

I believe you are my friend. My wandering mind for the last couple of months leads me to you. You befriended me when I least expected you to unfold. You took a while though, but I guess that’s how your magic works. You take your sweet time like how a fine wine ages. You leave crumbs here and there. A word or two from a stranger. A mere thank you for a photograph that brought me to a place that made my head spin and my heart thump faster. I think that was your way of telling me you have arrived. When you decided to show yourself, you visited me during a time when you felt I could handle you. It is what it is. I didn’t like you at first because Truth you hurt. But between Lie and You, I’d rather have you.

It is bittersweet to meet you Truth! Bitter because you made me realize how selfish we humans can be. Selfishness covered by the claim that nobody is perfect as if saying that is the best excuse. I understand that now! I’ve always believed in you by the way. That no matter how one tries to burry you in the sand, cover you with seashells or even try to throw you out to sea and let you float away with the waves, you always come back.

Slowly you made me realize the sad reality that not everyone we wish to stay will stay. Some need to leave to be better. That you have to say goodbye even if there is love. Some you need to treat with silence and forget. Some are not just meant to be. Other days I just needed to look and fight for you. Because Truth all this time I’ve always felt that I deserve you.

I am sorry my dear Truth if I shrugged you off hastily and carelessly. You were right there but I turned a blind eye. I was too blinded by my ideals and dreams. I was blinded by fear too because that is how you are Truth. It is scary to know the truth but it is scarier not to know the truth. There was a time when I wished for you to be a lie too.

I thank you, Truth. They say there is always a perfect something for everything. I guess it is safe to say that there is also a perfect time to know the truth. When the heart is stronger and ready to accept. When logic takes over illusion. When the thought of how stupid I was starts to crack me up and when slowly, one sunrise at a time, the heaviness I feel isn’t the same as yesterday. I guess this is what they meant by let time heal you.

Your grateful friend,