We live in the same city and yet we don’t see each other often. I don’t find this strange though. Because that’s how we’ve always been. We live our lives with meaning and great purpose that whenever we see each other, our stories are endless.

I always feel that deep friendship always feels the same even if time has passed it by. There is no need to constantly update each other, you just somehow know when the other isn’t fine.

With Beverly, it has always been that way! Visit me or let’s see each other is our way of saying a chapter in my life has ended and I am turning a new page to start anew.

When I am with Beverly I don’t need to do the talking. She can talk for hours and hours especially when it is about her dogs. The dogs that she rescued and sheltered. The places she went to like the pet sanctuary that I didn’t have any idea even existed. Her deepness and the love she has for dogs are so palpable that at any given time if she were to wear a costume that would represent her as the dog rescuer, she’d wear that one most days of the week. I haven’t met a human being as passionate as her when it comes to dogs.



Beverly & Stipe // Adlawon Vacation Farm