He sent me a formal email expressing his desire to be my apprentice. My fabulous friend, Deo, endorsed him before the formal letter. He also warned Angel about my peculiar personality. “Maldita raba nah!”

Hah! If maldita would mean not being in between conflicting personalities, then maybe I am. It’s either I like you or I don’t. No gray areas. That’s sounds haughty, I know. My friends can attest to how I can be brutally honest and painfully obvious. But that’s just me. I gained enemies along the way because I don’t kiss ass and I don’t play nice. However, I have keepers because they came to appreciate my peculiar personality. When they want the TRUTH they come to me. The truth can be painful. I am also a girl often misunderstood.

I’m glad it didn’t turn him off or sent him running away from the idea. Like him, I also want to apprentice under the photographers I constantly stalk.

I love Sara Black and Nelwin Uy. In my book, they are Philippine’s best. I do not have the expertise when it comes to comparing the work of photographers. I do not have the credentials either to say that this photographer is better than this and that. After all, ART is subjective. Their work just speaks to me in more ways than one. Classic with a twist that makes it stand out from the rest.

I do not want to say that Angel is my apprentice for the main reason that I am still at the infancy stage. I am learning how to crawl before I could even start to balance, walk, and then run. The best thing I could offer him is to ask him to shoot with me. To ask me questions and observe. To encourage him to shoot more, learn through books and from other photographers. Remind him to keep on going even if he gets over exposed photos. Even if he couldn’t understand the relationship between shutter speed, aperture, and exposure.

When we want to be good at something. We don’t’ skip steps. We go through the process of making mistakes then learn from them. Through time, I believe, his style will flourish and he will be one of those photographers with a booked calendar.

During shoots I noticed that he holds his phone more than he does his camera. Blame it on Instagram. I asked him numerous times, “Why are you not taking pictures?”

He is also our resident stylist. If you want a stylist to meet you before the actual shoot and choose your accessories and clothes with you, he is the MAN. He can also help you create that LOOK. He can go to your house and ransack your closet and have your outfits in order before the actual shoot. Clothes, accessories, make up, and props can make your photos ALIVE. You know what I mean? He has worked for Zee magazine. He is also a writer.

To know more about Angelo Kangleon. Visit akangelokangleon.wordpress.com


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I enjoy reading your post every time. You can write really well. Your photos are great… click more. Blog more.

This is cool. I can say Angelo made the right decision to choose you Mai. He will surely learn a lot as you are always willing to share and you are very passionate with your work. Good luck to Angelo 🙂

I hope he feels the same way.. I enjoy working with him.. very creative.

LOL Thanks, Mai! And thanks for taking me under your wing. So many doors have been slammed on my face, it’s nice to see one that’s wide open, for a change! Sorry about the Instagram-ing, but there is value in behind-the-scenes shots, I promise! Can’t wait for the next session. 🙂

no worries about instagramming.. and yeah behind the scenes shots are really important (although you’re the one who took the time to document them)… those doors closed because new ones opened up..

Seen his blog… Its very nice 😀