Hello, 2021!

I think blogging has been my most neglected must do last year. I am hoping that I could get back to it and share with you more photos and stories. It has been a struggle to filter what I write about. I always have a hard time hiding my thoughts and emotions in this space. Maybe I should just let go and write my heart out. After all, this is what it is for.

Sometime late last year, I had a family session with the LIM’S. When it comes to them, it is not just about taking pictures, it is also about spending time with friends who feel like family. Our friendship journey started when I photographed Myrna and Kirby’s engagement session. It was then followed by their wedding. Randi came, a newborn session ensued. The rest is history!

Laughter and stories are abundant. The exchange of comments and messages on all our social media platforms never fails to crack me up.  I feel that there are people in my life that I don’t get to see and spend a lot of time often, but whenever I see them it feels like I just saw them yesterday. It feels like that way with them.


Kirby, Myrna, Randi & Marti.