I remember asking myself what were the things that consumed me when I turned eighteen?

It was much simpler back then. My friends and I had sleepovers and long hours of chitchat over the phone. Boys terrified us! We all came from a catholic all girls’ school. When we entered college (USC), we had to meet at our old school because we didn’t know how it was to be surrounded with boys. We had long straight virgin black hair, full bangs and bushy eyebrows.

I had a gazillion question that night. Must be because I was feeling a different kind of déjà vu. I was amazed by how different the 80’s and the millennial were. I am pretty sure my parents and my grand parents had that comparison too.   I think I also gave them a fair share of headache.

Here are some photos and on site slide show of Herdreth’s debut celebration.


Location: Shangri-la Mactan & Be Resort
Coordination: Joan Lapus of Belle Marie Weddings
HMUA: Emi Ayag
Gown: Harley Ruedas
Video: Noel Samson Wedding Films
Styling: First Of April


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