The light was my biggest challenge when we did Shaia’s morning session. The sun during the first set was so up there. The dead car cemetery set would’ve been the bomb if only we did the shoot in the afternoon. We didn’t have the luxury of time. We just had to make do with a little shade here and there.

I had so much fun photographing Shaia. She oozed with confidence. There was never a moment when she hesitated. She worked it like it was second nature. I wish I had her confidence when I was her age.

Back then I was chubby and I wasn’t quite sure with myself. Ha!! I wasn’t curvy. My closet consisted of a few jeans and plain white shirts and a pair of white K-Swiss sneakers. I was so self-conscious; I’d rather faint on the spot rather than wear a pair of short shorts (you know the shorts we see now). I still am very conservative until this very day. Nothing has changed though.

Sharing with you a few takes from Shaia’s portrait session last weekend. It’s three in the morning as I write this.  Good morning!


Concept and styling by Geof Lagria // Geof Lagria Styling
Hair and make-up by Arcelli Rago