A day before Sinulog I finally had the chance to photograph Lexie. I did her mama’s maternity session. Lexie wasn’t feeling quite well. She was fuzzy and wasn’t her cheerful self. The set-up that Geof Lagria carefully put together wasn’t put to good use.

When it comes to two-year olds, they like to play. It’s impossible (based on past photo sessions) to ask them to stay put while I click away. I need to remind parents that when it comes to their session, they dictate the flow of the shoot and to always expect the unexpected.

I asked Lexie’s mom if we could do another session. Last Tuesday, I met Lexie again. This time there was no set-up. She wore her princess dress and crown. She roamed the garden of Montebello while I followed her around. It’s different when they do what they enjoy doing. They are happier and more relaxed.

She’s off to be with her mama in Canada a week from time.  I need to finish this set before she leaves.