IMG_0283 They are getting married TODAY! I slept late and woke up really early just so I could prepare their engagement AVP and blog about their engagement session. We shot Leopoldo and Minette’s engagement session last March. I wish I blogged about it right after. Note to self: blog weddings and sessions right away. To Minette and Leopoldo… see you in a bit! Let’s rock today! ++ Leopoldo Minoza & Minette Ceniza // March 2014 // Styling by Guada Mariel // Photo by Shutterfairy Photo IMG_0292IMG_0309IMG_0341IMG_0354IMG_0370IMG_0385IMG_0398IMG_0404IMG_0435IMG_0439IMG_0443IMG_0503IMG_0559IMG_0577IMG_0584IMG_0623IMG_0637IMG_0656IMG_0678IMG_0747IMG_0757IMG_0826IMG_0833IMG_0852IMG_0862IMG_0868IMG_0873IMG_0883IMG_0908