I don’t get to do this often!  A couple’s session seldom comes by these days. It has been replaced with happy shoots with little humans and families. When I met Daniel and Christine, it brought me to a time when engagement sessions were my thing. One after another, I tried to freeze moments. If love could’ve been spelled in photographs, I think I did for the last ten years.

But then like all other things, I’ve outgrown engagement sessions. I crossed over to families because life’s like that. We travel through cycles. My journey as a photographer started with still photos and progressed to couples. When I was brave enough and ready, I photographed weddings. It was tedious and it took a whole lot of my time and energy, but I did it year after year.

Then there was a point in my life when I wanted to slow down and enjoy the journey even more. My weddings turned into families and the journey continues.

Sharing with you Daniel and Christine’s couple’s session.


HMUA: Vanessa Gamus