Whenever I photograph a Japanese family or couple, I always mention to them that I used to teach English to Japanese students. It was a short teaching stint but I cannot forget my regular students. They were executive heads of big companies in Japan. One was a bank manager, others were stay-at-home moms. They were very willing to learn. I was also very willing to teach them.  The most challenging lesson material was free speech. Nothing on the agenda but just conversation in plain English. To keep them talking, I would ask them about Japan and the many things I read online. I haven’t been there, but every time they talk about their country and their culture, it already feels that I’ve been to these places.

When I met the Nishikawa’s, the little boy gave me a puzzled look when they opened the door. On the dot they were ready. That’s what I learned too about their culture. They value time and when they can’t make it they apologize profusely.

When doing a family session, it doesn’t really mean you have to buy clothes just for the shoot. You can wear what you already have. I can also help you or guide choose colors that would look best in photographs. The comfortable the clothes are (by that I mean, wearing something that speaks of YOU) the better it will look and feel in photographs.