I’m back in the city! What better way to start off Monday is a blog post of Homer and Eloise Bantayan Island engagement session.

Bantayan has become my home since March. When the hustle in the city becomes unbearable, I escape and travel all the way to the island. Time there seems to go very slow.

Mornings are my favorite part of the day. Not only because we live just forty steps away from the beach, but it is also the busiest time for our little cafe that my family and I slowly built since March.

For Homer and Eloise engagement session, we did it in two parts. Sunset and sunrise shoot! Light, for me, helps tell a story. It also is the most important ingredient to make me achieve the colors and the mood of the photos that I want to produce. Not all understand this, but lately, I’ve been insisting that I shoot only at a specific time of day.

Arguments done lovingly is common with these two. Not a lot of people get them. In the beginning, I didn’t too! Eloise is very vocal and straight to the point. She speaks her mind while Homer is the funny and the yang to Eloise strong personality. He makes Eloise laugh! That is all that matters! When you find someone who makes you laugh at simply being silly.


HMUA: Ryle Young