And just like that June came to an end. Denise debut session was my last for June. I’ve been in an editing cave. Trying my best to cut  the waiting time I give my clients. Because I am sure they want to see their photos in a much shorter time. To wait is not a very fun thing to do!

Denise just recently turned eighteen. According to her mom, instead of having a grand party to celebrate legality, Denise decided to travel. If it were me at eighteen again, I’d do the same.  Traveling teaches us so many things. I did try to get a US visa, but the consul with his grim handsome face told me, I’m sorry mam I can’t give you a visa at this point. Come back when your personal circumstance has changed.

I wouldn’t know what he meant. I didn’t ask! I didn’t really care. I read the blue piece of paper that he signed when we got to the hotel. It say’s something about family ties. I feel sad that I couldn’t be there for my sister’s wedding. Maybe it was just not meant to be! Twice denied! Twice is enough, I guess! It’s a waste of money and even effort only to get a no. A part of me believes that there is a reason for everything.

Sharing with you Denise’s debut session.